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Wine Kit, Date Code

Here is how you can interpret the date code on your wine kit:

The breakdown of the numbers, for interpretation purposes, is like this:

00/143/09  0257

The following explains what each part of the numbers refers to:

  • 00 - The first two digits are for our internal use, so ignore them.
  • 143 - The next three digits indicate the day the kit was produced, counting the number of days since January 1st. So in the above case, day 143 refers to the 23rd of May. (Note that this would be in a year when February has 28 days rather than 29; in other words, this example code refers to May 23rd in a non Leap Year.)
  • 09 - The next two digits refer to the last two digits of the year the kit was produced: 2009.
  • 0257 - The last four digits show which particular kit this is, out of the entire batch produced that day. So in this example, this kit was the 257th kit through the line.

Written by Phyl on March 19, 2011.