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Winexpert's Wine Wiki: How to Use This Page

Welcome! If you need an answer about making your own wine at home, you're in exactly the right spot. 

Most of the answers to questions about using Winexpert kits can be found in Troubleshooting Guide to Wine Kits. This guide takes you through the most common questions about wine flaws so you can help your correct them--and avoid them in the future.

When you can't find an answer there you can take two approaches. First, you can click on the index tab above, to get a complete listing of all of the current entries in our database. If you don't see what you need right away, you can use the search window: type in a keyword into it and it will come up with the most relevant answers. They're all cross-indexed, so click on the one that matches your inquiry most closely. 

Quick hint: if you input 'Troubleshooting' into the search function, there are a number of articles already prepared on a bunch of different subjects, with more added all the time. Your answer may just pop up right away.


First things first, what is a Wiki?

The idea behind a Wiki is to produce a database of information as a form of collaborative effort. This database isn't here just so you can look things up--it's here so you can add to it when you see the need for a new entry, or modify the existing entries to reflect changes in technology and process, or to make sure the entry is as complete and accurate as possible. Generally speaking:

  • A wiki invites all users to edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki site.
  • Wiki promotes meaningful topic associations between different pages by making page link creation almost intuitively easy and showing whether an intended target page exists or not.
  • A wiki is not a carefully crafted site for casual visitors. Instead, it seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape.

Why a Wiki?

Winexpert has always striven to have the best customer service in the consumer wine industry, and for the most part we think we've succeeded. However, that level of service comes with complications. First, the better refined and more useful our customer service gets, the longer the line becomes for answers. Taken to a logical end, our customer service department could become a victim of its own success, helping so many people that the line grows ever longer. By making this Wiki available, we're able to get you not just the right answer, but the right answer right away.

Second, by asking you to help with editing and submissions we can ensure that the database stays current, relevant and most importantly, useful.

This wiki was started with approximately six hundred entries, covering a decade of inquiries to our customer service database. Our goal is to get as many great answers as we can, to make it as useful and comprehensive as possible.

Submitting Answers

Want to contribute to the Wiki? Think an existing entry needs to be edited? We'd love to have your input. Nope, we're not kidding, even a little. Jump in and make this Wiki better!

Editing An Existing Page

To edit an existing page, click on the Edit tab at the far right of the page you're looking at. 

There is a very simple editing interface on top. Type in the changes you want to make and hit submit, and your changes will be sent to Winexpert for review, after which they'll be inserted into the Wiki.

Submitting a New Entry

You can submit a new entry by writing it in word format and emailing it to the Wiki editor at After review it will be uploaded into the Wiki for everyone to benefit.


Things to keep in mind when making changes or submitting new entries (cribbed from the folks at Wikipedia, who do know a lot about it):

  • Submit early, and submit often. The Wiki is here to make your life better. If you have a great answer to a pressing question, we need your help!
  • Be clear and concise. Avoid esoteric terms and verbose language. Be both plain and concise: direct and brief writing is always clearer.
  • Verbosity is not a defense against misinterpretation. Be unambiguous and specific: avoid generalities. Don't theorize, and omit needless words, especially adjectives.
  • Avoid redundancy. If you want to add to the database about a topic where there are already several entries, consider editing an existing entry rather than submitting a new one, unless it is completely different in tone from the rest.
  • Use links sparingly. Links to other material should be used when a more information from a related topic will help the reader. Multiple links to other entries or external content can burden the reader looking for a simple answer.
  • Not sure what a 'link' is? Don't worry about it. Because each submission is reviewed, the Wiki editors will attach links they think are relevant to your article.
  • Articles directly contradicting accepted Winexpert practices are probably not going to get very far. There are sources of winemaking information that may contradict the information in this Wiki. Remember, what works for grape/fruit/fresh juice winemaking may not apply to wine made from kits.
  • Go ahead and contradict if you think it's important. We're not right about everything, all the time. That's why we're enlisting you to make this the best database possible. If you have a much better way of doing something, or a really great explanation of a technical process, dig in and send it through. All ideas are welcome!

That's it. Thanks, and have fun. Any more questions can come through to, and we look forward to your input.